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Света Солдатова

"Бременские музыканты" Льва Каплана

Lev Kaplan's The Bremen town musicians

Lev Kaplan

Lev Kaplan was born in Lugansk (Ukraine) on the 12th of May in 1967. He graduated from a childrens‘ art school and spent many years of his life in Kiev where he studied architecture. In 1992, he left Ukraine for Germany. Today, he lives in Stuttgart where he works as a Creative Director at an advertising agency. He dedicates his whole leisure time to free painting, graphics and illustrating childrens‘ books.

„I have been drawing and painting since I remember. I have never had the thought that „some day I‘d become an artist“, but I have always been actively practising art: I graduated from a childrens‘ art school and then went to college for a major in architecture. Therefore, I didn‘t become an artist by chance but I also didn‘t intend for my life to lead me to where I am now. I also have to mention that I am something like a „three-headed dragon“: An artist, an illustrator and a creative director at an advertising agency. All three „heads“ are constantly talking to each other and therefore every head is individually enriched by this creative communication.“

Tags: art, illustration, волшебное
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